rolls were recorded in the 2015 contest.

Win Frequency by Size

This chart depicts the frequency of winning cups across the different sizes. So far the results suggest that there isn't a definitive statistical advantage to any one cup size. While is currently ranked highest, the variation between sizes is not statistically significant and can be attributed to noise in the data. The average frequency is higher than expected given that the official odds are stated as being 1 in 6. That disparity may be due to a tendency to record winning rolls while neglecting to record losing ones (which are just as important if not as satisfying).

Win Frequency by Province

In this chart the provinces and territories are coloured according to their relative win frequency, with darker shades indicating a higher reported rate of winning. If they have fewer than 50 rolls recorded, they are left grey. There is, however, data for every one except the Northwest Territories.

Prize Breakdown by Size

This chart displays the prize distributions across the different cup sizes. In other words, it shows which prize is most likely if you happen to get a winning cup of a certain size. Coffee is clearly the most common prize, showing up over three times as often as donuts, on average. This aligns with the officially reported breakdown for food and drink prizes: 75% coffee and 25% donuts.

Rolls Recorded by Size

This chart depicts the number of submissions received for each cup size. It looks like is the most popular size among participants.
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